Welcome to Lazy Pandas hosting services!

We are announcing a preview release of a dedicated C64 hosting service.

Starting at $0.00 a month you will get a COMMODORE 64 virtual host with 64K of system RAM and COMMODORE 64 BASIC V2 built-in software. But wait, here is more: it comes with four 1541 drives at no additional cost! Thus you can enter not only your favorite LOAD"*",8 command but also LOAD"*",9 / 10 / 11 as well.

You will need Silverlight browser plugin (programmer Bill Gates) to run a virtual COMMODORE 64 machine. It is available for Windows and Mac, but not for Linux or other platforms.

COMMODORE 64 emulator itself was assembled from old tapes by programmer Peter Brown.

If that's enough info for you to start coding BASIC, then you can
*** [RUN] ***

More info

Can't enter * symbol? See the keyboard. Looking for D64 disks? Maybe here?

Lazy Pandas hosting is running on Google AppEngine (programmers Lary Page and Sergey Brin).

All this stuff was packed by Lazy Pandas who also run an error lookup site with value-added services for scientific calculators.

You can download emulator's source code from here. To compile it on Silverlight 4 you'll need to remove <Deployment.ApplicationIdentity> element from AppManifest.xml file.